Meredith River pedestrian/cycling bridge

A DSRA survey, held in March 2018, indicated overwhelming community support for a pedestrian/cycling bridge over the Meredith River. Council’s Swansea Structure Plan (9.7.1) also states that a pedestrian/cycling bridge should be investigated.

A working group has been established to investigate feasibility and liaise with stakeholders. 

Click below for design ideas and other information

Community member Mal Innes worked with Council and MAST for over 2 years on this project. The new concrete ramp was installed just prior to Easter 2019. The floating landing pontoon was installed late in December 2019. Great work Mal

Work on the legal rights attaching to public beach accesses (Cambria Drive) and private rights of way (Dolphin Sands Road) has been completed. The committee is now in consultation with Council regarding responsibility for maintenance. Please see meeting minutes for updates and post your questions on the forum.

Bushfire Management

The bushfire prevention working group are in discussion with Council about clearing the verges up to property boundaries. Click on the link for a copy of a motion we submitted for Council's April meeting. 

Waste Management

Click to read communication with Glamorgan Spring Bay Council about the provision of rubbish bins for public use at Bagot Point and Yellow Sandbanks jetty. In the absence of a response from Council, DSRA contracted Roscos to provide bins at the beach access at the 5km mark and at the turning circle at Bagot Point for a one month test period over summer 2018-2019. Data about the quantity and type of litter collected is being used to inform future decisions. Discussions with Council are ongoing

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