Sea Spurge at Bagot Point

The Clean-Up Australia team found the dreaded coastal weed Sea Spurge at Bagot Point. We removed one parent plant and hundreds of seedlings. Please keep an eye out for this weed and contact us if you'd like help removing it. Click on the link below for some info from DPIPWE on Sea Spurge 

Clean-Up Australia Day

A successful Clean-Up Australia Day event was held at Bagot Point on Sunday, March 1. Thanks to everyone who helped

Report rubbish to the EPA

Click on the link below to report rubbish via the EPA's 'report rubbish' tool

It's a really simple way to deal with rubbish, esp anything you don't want to pick up (like human waste & toilet paper)

Emergency Management Plan Review meeting

Click on the link below for the minutes from the Dolphin Sands Emergency Management Plan (DSEMP) review meeting 

Successful grant application

In September, the DSRA applied for $12 000 for a Communities Environment Program Grant through Brian Mitchell's office. The funds will be used to remove environmental weeds (Radiata pine and African box thorn) from between 223 and 227 Cambria Drive and the fire break from this easement to the Meredith River. We'll also plant low-flammability natives to screen some properties from the track. We need Council to tick a few things off before we can proceed but hopefully they'll be cooperative and we can get planting in autumn

McNeils Rd fire

On Sunday, December 22, 2019, the McNeil's Rd fire was downgraded to 'no alert level'. Nevertheless, TFS advises to 'stay informed

Preparing your property for bushfire

Swansea fire brigade chief, Ken Nichols, is willing to visit your property to provide advice about how to prepare your property for bushfire.

Let us know if you'd like us to put you in contact with Ken

Successful grant application

Great news – the DSRA’s grant application to the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) was successful. This is a fantastic opportunity to reduce the fuel load on your property in an environmentally responsible way. Thanks to the FRRR, Steve Barrett for his work on the grant application, all the community members who supported our application, Dan Hoar from TFS who provided some facts & figures and Kelvin Jones for writing on behalf of Swansea SES

June long weekend replanting

The June long weekend saw many community members re-planting areas destroyed by the April bushfire. Thanks to all the crowdfunders whose support enabled us to buy not only plants, but native potting mix, tree guards and stakes to help the plants thrive. A great effort by community members making the most of a bad situation

Suggested plants for revegetation

Information from Council's NRM department

Issues before Council

A brief summary of all the issues we have before Council including Council's latest response

Click on the button for information about the proposed Cambria development

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