DSRA Rules of the Association

In February 2019, the Association voted to replace its constitution. Click for a copy of the current rules of the association

Constitution discussion session

Summary of decisions made at the Constitution discussion session on December 1, 2018

Constitutional reform - summary Oct 2018

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This document outlines the process of constitutional reform to date and options for the next steps. After reading the relevant documents,

  • Let us know your preference for amending the constitution 

  • For each motion, let us know any suggestions for amending the motion or any other relevant comments

  • Let us know if you’d like a face-to-face information/discussion session. Members who are unable to attend face-to-face sessions can send their views in writing

Leigh Sealy's views on the best way forward

At the October General Meeting, two options for the next steps in amending the constitution were tabled. In this email to the DSRA secretary, Leigh outlines his views.

Draft DSRA Rules of the Association, October 2018

An updated draft of the DSRA's Rules which includes suggestions from members made on the forum. Please see the document 'Constitutional reform - summary' for an overview of the process to date.

Change of rules supporting paper, March 2018

This paper gives a brief overview of the process the working group undertook and explains what happens next

Please note that constitutions are now referred to as 'Rules of the Association'

DSRA Rules of the Association (draft), March 2018

This is a copy of the draft rules prepared by the working group, based on the Model Rules

Following community consultation, a settled draft of the new rules will be put to members to vote on. Community consultation will comprise the website forum, discussion at the upcoming general meeting and, if warranted, a one-off face-to-face discussion session

We realise that the draft can look a little overwhelming at first glance. To make the process less daunting, we suggest that people focus on recommended additions (coloured red) and recommended omissions (have a line through them)

Please note that constitutions are now referred to as 'Rules of the Association'

'Current' constitution

Copy of what has been assumed to be the current constitution of the DSRA

Original constitution

A copy of the DSRA's original constitution filed with the Commissioner of Corporate Affairs

Working Group Terms of Reference

For those who are interested, the terms of reference which guided the working group

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