DSRA submission to TPC regarding the aquifer

The DSRA's submission in response to the motion at the March general meeting to prepare a submission to the Tasmanian Planning Commission for Part V agreements preventing use of aquifer water on all titles subject to the draft planning scheme amendment 2018/03.

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The geology and groundwater resources of Nine Mile Beach, eastern Tasmania

2003 report prepared by Bill Cromer for Mineral Resources Tasmania.

Fun fact: The cover photo shows the peninsula before it was seeded to stabilise the sand and the road was made

Council's working draft SAP

Please note that Council says: The working draft is not complete nor final and is not in a form suitable for inclusion in an Amendment; it is intended as the basis for discussion during the hearing process.  It is acknowledged that should the direction of the working draft be supported that further drafting work would be necessary. 

S39 report

Council's report on the representations received regarding the Cambria planning scheme amendment

Specific Area Plan version 2

An amended version of the SAP 

Response to Shane Wells GSBC planner

Response from Ireneinc

Response to Cultural Heritage Practitioners Tasmania

Response from Sam Nichols Heritage Consultant and Architectural Historian

Response to Australia ICOMOS

Response from Sam Nichols Heritage Consultant and Architectural Historian.

Committee's response to ECA supporters

The committee's response to criticism by ECA and their supporters, both published in the local paper (GOBC news) 

September 13, 2018

Mercury article by DSRA committee

An article by the committee correcting misinformation about the development

In this letter published in the GOBC news, Deputy Mayor Cheryl Arnol responds to misunderstandings about the Cambria SAP

Report prepared for Cambria Green proponents summarising sources of water for irrigation

Submission to Council on behalf of Cambria Green recommending amendments to the SAP in response to community concerns regarding aquifer use, airstrip and setbacks

Submission to Council on behalf of Cambria Green correcting errors in the previous submission (dated June 14) regarding the consultation process undertaken

Stopping the SAP supports the broader anti-development agenda of green groups but is not in the best interests of our community because stopping the SAP will not stop development on the peninsula

Cover letter for the DSRA response to the Cambria Draft Planning Scheme Amendment 2018/03

DSRA response to the Cambria Draft Planning Scheme Amendment 2018/03, based on the results of our survey

A summary of the DSRA's survey of ratepayers regarding the development

Response from Ireneinc (planners for the proponent) to the Land Surveyor's report prepared for the DSRA

A flowchart outlining the approval process which is currently being undertaken

Information and a link to the DSRA survey about the proposed Cambria development

Copy of the land surveyor's report about the proposed Cambria development prepared for the DSRA. The proponent's response to this report is listed above

Copy of the Cambria Specific Area Plan

Copy of the environmental science report on the proposed Cambria development prepared for the DSRA 

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